Automated NDT System

UNISCAN GW Automated non-destructive system for inspections pipelines and tank 


UNISCAN GW-AUT is a complete solution for automated ultrasonic inspection of girth welds, using Phased array technology (PAUT), Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD), Creeping wave (CRW) and other advantages Conventional UT.

Advantages of UNISCAN GW-AUT:

  • Universal system, for inspection girth welds of pipelines with a different diameter and thickness;
  • Wireless control system;
  • Real time inspection with using wireless control (laptop, tablet, phone);
  • Short inspection cycle allows for high performance;
  • Simulation and step-by-step setting helps us to quickly configure the system;
  • High reliability, precise information and accuracy of obtaining the actual dimensions of defects;
  • UNISCAN GW-AUT allows inspections to comply with the API 1104, ASTM E-1961, DNV-OS-F101, API-5L.


Mobile digital radiography system is intended for single wall or double wall penetration of ∅ 300–1420 mm pipe welds for pipeline construction or repair.


  • No consumables, film processing, or phosphor
  • plates scanning;
  • No darkroom, no environmental issues;
  • Image quality class B acc. ISO 19232-5, ISO 10893-7, ISO 17636-2;
  • Battery operated;
  • Wireless data transfer;
  • 3 minutes installation;
  • External storage under DICONDE protocol.

TestXray digital radiography system provides:

  • Lower inspection costs by eliminating consumables (X-ray film and film processing chemicals), film processing equipment, film storage facilities;
  • Compatible with any X-ray source and any crawler;
  • Inspection results obtained online make it possible to correct welding settings to avoid more defects;
  • Perfect conditions for image examination (zoom, optimal contrast, image enhancement procedures) and inspection protocol preparation;
  • Easy to use database.


Automated visual inspection, measuring and interpretation subsystem. UNISCAN GW-VT designed for
seamless plugging into UNISCAN MT-DR.


  • Sensitivity to the imperfections square 0.5625 mm2;
  • Geometry measuring accuracy 0.25 mm;
  • Online image output to operator’s computer;
  • Wi-Fi data interchanging with operator’s computer;
  • Video snapshots generation for defect areas of girth welds where geometric parameters are not within the acceptable limits.


  • Weld width;
  • Reinforcement dimensions;
  • Smooth transition at weld toe;
  • Incomplete filled groove dimensions;
  • Rippling;
  • Depth of low spot between beads;
  • Pores dimensions;
  • Undercuts dimensions;
  • Misalignment dimensions;
  • Spatter dimensions;
  • Cracks dimensions.