Mechanized PA+TOFD Solution

MSCAN Reliable solution for inspections pipelines and tank 

Benefits of MSCAN

  • Versatility, reliability, compact design 
  • Wireless control and data transmission 
  • Short inspection cycle time 
  • Intuitive interface


  • Real-time analysis 
  • User-friendly Software for analysis 
  • Records all scans simultaneously 
  • Generation inspection report

Benefits of TOFD 

  • Accurate sizing of defects 
  • Detection is independent of type and orientation of flaws 
  • Rapid scanning 
  • High probability of detection

Benefits of PA 

  • High Inspection Sensitivity 
  • Fast Inspection 
  • Efficiency Strong 
  • Inspection Capacity 
  • Accurate Flaw Positioning

​Mechanical Ultrasonic System MSCAN

MSCAN is a complete solution for mechanical ultrasonic inspection of girth welds, using Phased array technology (PA), Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD), Creeping wave (CRW) and other advantages Conventional UT.

Advantages of MSCAN

  • Universal system, for inspection girth welds of pipelines with a different diameter and thickness
  • Wireless remote system
  • Real time inspection with using wireless control (laptop, tablet, phone)
  • Short inspection cycle allows for high performance
  • Simulation and step-by-step setting helps us to quickly configure the system


  • High reliability, precise information and accuracy of obtaining the actual dimensions of defects
  • Automatic creation of inspection reports
  • The user interface is easy to learn and use, provides high efficiency
  • Special software for collection and analysis of data
  • Operate detection and analysis the defects of girth

Tablet or Laptop Software

Device with Windows OS installed and analysis software for inspection in real time.


Compact and shockproof scanner helps create reliable and repeatable data. The scanner is IP66 rated.

Modular Design

The system uses different modules:
-module PA 32: 128 + 2 channels TOFD/UT;
-module PA 16: 64 + 1 channels TOFD/UT;
-module 1, 2, 4, 6 channels TOFD/UT.

Computer and Software

Personal computer with Windows OS installed and special software for data analysis and report generation.

More information in MSCAN brochure below