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Vidisco Ltd. is a leading global developer and manufacturer of modern portable x-ray control systems.
For almost 30 years, Vidisco has revolutionized the X-ray industry, as it was the first company to offer a PC-based portable digital X-ray system packed in one suitcase.

The company was founded in 1988 as a division of Aran Electronics, specifically in order to find a portable solution for x-ray unexploded bombs in the field after the “hot” military and military air exercises. Vidisco is located in Or-Yehuda, a city in the center of Israel and has nearly 50 employees.

Today, Vidisco's portable digital X-ray systems are sold in more than 75 countries and are located in all types of landscapes and weather conditions.

In the field of non-destructive testing (NDT), Vidisco high-performance portable digital X-ray systems have been successfully used for various NDT applications such as aerospace, oil and gas, automotive, welding, electronic, energy and energy industries, laboratories, universities (R & D), arts and museums, forensics, shipyards and many others.


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Alpha Pro Portable DR system

SparxPro Portable DR system

RayzorXPro Portable DR system




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