TECNA S.p.A. works in the field of resistance welding since the early 70s.

Over the years, it has become a well-known company specializing in the production of a wide range of spot welding machines, briefly listed below:

-point and projection welding machines 16-150 kVA

Single phase welding machines with a linear action of 35-315 kVA

-D.C. three-phase welding machines with linear action of 100-630 kVA

-automatic pneumatic suspended guns with built-in transformer 16-75 kVA

- production dot guns of average frequency of 56-140 kVA, from 16 to 45 kA

-module spot welding machines: double spot, rocker, linear action

-point welding machines for car body repair, portable and autonomous, manual and pneumatic, one- and three-phase versions D.C., power 2-20 kVA.

In addition, TECNA produces a range of products that can be considered “accessories” for resistance welding machines:

-adaptive and digital welding machines with microprocessor, ammeter, direct current and standard versions

testing and measuring instruments for resistance welding machines

-balances from 0.4 to 180 kg.

TECNA develops in general all its products with a high level of quality. Carefully monitored all stages of design, production, sales through various channels in accordance with the final destination of the product. The main areas of interest are from car body repair to industry, including the automotive industry, to steel structures.

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