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Technology Design specializes in the design, development and manufacture of ultrasound data collection systems. It combines advanced solutions, a powerful range of tools and innovative technologies, such as a phased array, TOFD method and traditional UT. Integrated systems are designed to solve a wide range of tasks and is used all over the world. Technology Design is one of the fastest growing companies in NDT industry. Technology Design also provides customized solutions for the most complex tasks through the ability to develop systems for full integration with existing systems.

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Focus-Scan RX (UT, TG, PA, TOFD) multifunctional ultrasonic flaw detector

Hadny-Scan RX(UT, TG, PA, TOFD) multifunctional ultrasonic flaw detector

PS45 Pocket-Scan (AUT, TOFD) compact multifunctional ultrasonic inspection system

TD Scan Software advanced UT, PA and TOFD software



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