About Company

For more than 34 years, SERVO-ROBOT has been producing 3D-robotic visual inspection and sensor systems for automated welding.

In particular, SERVO-ROBOT is a recognized leader in improving the performance of welding processes, such as tracking seam geometry, detecting the direction of a seam, and checking welding using the unique 3D laser technology SERVO-ROBOT.

Innovation and practical knowledge of the production process are key to the availability of a wide SERVO-ROBOT product line covering various areas of intellectual production.

The company is proud to produce high quality products that have become the benchmark in their field.

SERVO-ROBOT offers a wide range of hybrid laser vision systems and sensors integrated into special-purpose robots and welding machines for tracking seams, searching for seams, monitoring, inspecting and detecting defects in seams. Now the company is engaged in the integration of artificial intelligence in their systems.
Due to the rapid pace of scientific and technological progress, this company gives priority to R & D and increase the efficiency of the systems so that customers always get the latest and most reliable technology.

SERVO-ROBOT engineers and scientists are constantly exploring and developing new concepts and methods to provide more intelligence for industrial robots.

WiKi-SCAN Handheld welding quality management system

POWER-SCAN Compact weld bead inspection system




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