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Phoenix Inspection Systems are experts in the field of design and production of non-destructive testing solutions operating in a wide range of industries, including the nuclear and power industries, offshore oil and gas and petrochemical, aerospace, composite and railway.

Phoenix products include the whole range of ultrasonic non-destructive testing methods like phased array, TOFD-method and pulse-echo and offer ready-made solutions for the control of welded joints, corrosion mapping, control of steels and composite materials.

The name Phoenix is ​​synonymous with developing custom and application solutions for complex non-destructive testing. If a standard scanner or converter from our wide range does not completely match your control requirements, Phoenix has the experience and ability to develop an individual product to meet your specific requirements.

Phoenix Inspection Systems has an international reputation for its skills and ability to solve problems. If you need advice on how to overcome a complex inspection problem, help develop new procedures, or simply want to get expert advice.

Phoenix specialists are involved in prestigious international projects and work with universities and institutions to maintain their position at the forefront of non-destructive testing technology. The group constantly develops new and existing products and technologies and regularly conducts its work at industry conferences and trade publications.

The Phoenix product range includes standard and customized transducers, as well as hand-held and automated scanners. All our scanners can be designed and modified to meet specific verification requirements.

Manufacturer presentation


Manual Scanners

Duo scanner is a robust, ergonomic scanning frame with operator-friendly features offering fast setup and reliable, repeatable TOFD inspections of pipe welds, from 2”OD up to flat plate

NozzleScan is a versatile manual scanning solution developed for the inspection of nozzle welds in both set-through and set-on configurations

MagMan Circumferential and Longitudinal Weld Scanner

MultiMag Compact Magnetic Wheeled Manual Scanner

TOFD Caliper Compact single axis scanner

Bracelet Small Bore Weld Scanner

MapMan Manual Corrosion Mapping Scanner

Swipe Manual X-Y Scanner

WREN Weld Root Erosion Scanner

C-Clamp Encoder Versatile Waterproof Wheel Encoder

Tracer Portable C-Scan Mapping System

WrapIt Flexible Phased Array Scanning Tool

Swift Single or dual direction manual weld scanner

SpArc Small pipe corrosion mapping scanner

R-Evolution Ultrasonic array roller probe

Automated Scanners

SAW Bug Motorised Single Axis Weld Scanner

MagScan Dual Axis Motorised Scanner

TSIS Turbine Shaft Inspection System

MagBug Turbine Disc Blade Root, Disc Head & Welded Rotor Scanner

SAGE Dual-Axis Motorised Pipe Weld Scanner

PERM Generator End Ring Inspection Manipulator

SIM Turbine Stud Inspection Manipulator

TRIM Turbine Rotor Disc Inspection Manipulator



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