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For 25 years, Spectroflash has been engaged in the development and serial production of portable X-ray flaw detectors designed to control the quality of various metal structures in hard-to-reach places. The largest part of them, which received the name ARINA when it was created, works in a pulsed mode on the principle of explosive electron emission, contains 6 models differing from each other in voltage on the X-ray tube and radiation power. These devices compare favorably with devices of constant potential in small dimensions and weight, the possibility of using both panoramic and directional radiography, the possibility of power supply from batteries and ease of maintenance and in the production of repair work.

Currently, Spectroflash LLC has developed an improved series of impulse devices called PAMIR, containing 3 models of devices that exceed ARINA devices in service life and continuous operation time

The PAMIR-200 has the smallest dimensions and the lowest radiation power in the new series of flaw detectors. It uses an X-ray tube IMA2-150D, in which the output window is aligned with the anode of the tube, which allows you to install the emitter close to the object under study. This circumstance is successfully used when conducting various kinds of research in science and technology.

PAMIR-200 is also used in flaw detection for screening thin-walled industrial products - for example, when welding steel pipes of small diameters.

A more powerful device, the purpose of which is to control the quality of welds of pipelines of most diameters in non-stationary conditions, is PAMIR-250.

This device uses the well-known IMA5-320D X-ray tube, the electrode system of which consists of a disk cathode with a hole, in the center of which is an anode needle made of a refractory material. This design provides a clearly defined focus of small diameter, as it exactly coincides with the diameter of the pointed anode. The IMA5-320D tube body is made of glass, soldered to the cathode assembly, ending with a domed exit window.

The third and last device in the series is the PAMIR-300. It has the highest radiation power compared to the two described above. The device was developed to control the quality of welding of large diameter pipelines.

The only device in the ARINA family that has no equivalent in the PAMIR lineup is the ARINA-1 device. Its radiographic characteristics are similar to those of the PAMIRA-200, but it is equipped with a built-in battery. In PAMIRE-200, the battery is connected from the outside, but it can have any dimensions, any shape, so long as its capacity is not lower than 4 A / h, and the voltage is 24 V.

Developing and producing pulsed x-ray devices, the specialists of Spectroflash LLC never let out of sight the market of classical flaw detectors with an X-ray tube thermal cathode and constant anode voltage. In recent years there has been a serious breakthrough in the creation of powerful high-frequency electronic components. It became possible to create small-sized high-voltage voltage sources, as a result of which prerequisites arose for the development of modern X-ray flaw detectors with a constant voltage on the tube, which in their dimensions and weight closely approached the pulsed devices.

In LLC Spectroflash 2 small-sized thermionic devices - MART-200 and MART-250 are mass-produced today. In both models, a bipolar X-ray tube powering circuit operating at a frequency above 100 kHz and a compact X-ray tube 0.1BPM27-250 are used. The MART-250 apparatus uses a 0.1BPM tube with a side exit of x-rays in a solid angle of about 50%, and in the apparatus MART-200 it uses an end radiation output in an angle of 140 °.

If the principle of operation of the pulse devices and devices of constant potential are completely different, then according to their characteristics they are quite close, although each series has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Pulse machines are distinguished by their simplicity of design, convenience in the control of welded joints in the field, and most importantly - low cost. At the same time, the devices of the MART series provide better quality of X-ray images, have a sharper focus, and a longer X-ray tube life.

The choice of one or another type of apparatus is dictated by specific requirements for the quality of control in terms of the customer and its financial capabilities.



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