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The team of specialists of Sintez NPF LLC was formed in December 1988 from engineers of NPO Burevestnik and TsNII RTK, and since the opening of the cooperative Sintez has been developing and producing X-ray emitters and other high-voltage power sources. Subsequently, the organization was transformed into LLC Sintez, and in 2003 into CJSC Sintez NDT.

This company currently continues to produce X-ray machines of the series “RPD” and “Bastion” - all of them were once developed by specialists who are currently engaged in the development and production of new X-ray equipment at Sintez NPF LLC.

In 2009, the Sintez development team was allocated to a new company, the research and production company Sintez NPF, which continues to develop new X-ray machines. The accumulated long-term experience of development and tradition, know-how and technical solutions of our own design allow us to quickly and accurately solve the widest range of tasks in the field of development and production of X-ray equipment.

CXT 200-48-N Panoramic сonstant potential X-ray apparatus



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