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NOVO DR Ltd. develops and manufactures cutting-edge portable digital radiography systems based on flat panels for non-destructive testing, security and military applications. Combining years of experience in intensive research and development with the most well-known companies in the world NOVO DR is changing the rules on the X-ray technology market and taking digital radiography to a new level.

Every inch of each product gets close attention. Thanks to production technology, safety and ease of use - today NOVO DR provides the best of its kind portable digital radiographic systems on the market highlighting the following strengths:

  • Highest image quality using the most advanced sensors and a patented algorithm
  • Portability - the kit is lighter than all of its competitors, and provides more than 16 hours of continuous operation using internal batteries.
  • Efficient and simple user interface - the systems make it easy to monitor and analyze images using software on one or several tablets / laptops at the same time
  • Safety in aggressive conditions - the systems are extremely durable, designed for the most severe conditions and completely resistant to weathering.


Configurations and features

12"15" and 22" diagonal and 1.5 cm thick detector panels

NOVO Armor additional protection against mechanical stress and water ingress provides for mounting under tripods and tripoids and withstand a load drop of 150 kg from a height of 50 cm

Tablets with a diagonal from 7 to 20 inches and 4K image with professional NOVO software for controlling the operation of the system and processing images



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