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Since the release of the world's first drawable black and white scanner in 1984, the history of MICROTEK represents a series of victories in image processing.
The Microtek development team obtained this image using the world's first black and white flatbed scanner with a resolution of 200 dpi, model MS-200, in the autumn of 1985.
• 1980 Year of foundation of the company in the High-tech Manufacturing Park, Hsinchu City
• 1981 The world's first autonomous 8-bit handheld scanner was released.
• 1984The world's first black and white lingering scanner with a resolution of 200 dpi was released.
• 1988First public offering on the Taiwan Stock Exchange
• 1992The grand opening of the company's head office
• 1994 The world's first color scanner with a resolution of 600 dpi was released.
• 1997The company received ISO 14001 certification
• 1998The company entered the Forbes Global Top 300 list of small best companies.
Microtek conducts technology research and product development with extensive in-house expertise. This allowed her to develop a wide range of products that meet the specific needs of customers in all market segments. For more than a quarter of a century, Microtek has gained extensive knowledge of digital imaging technology, including over 400 patents. This portfolio of modern technologies makes Microtek one of the leading manufacturers of professional image processing solutions. With more than 30 years of experience in digital image processing, Microtek introduces appropriate technologies at the level of individual platforms that have a modular architecture that simplifies their integration into systems. The result of this approach to development is a more rapid introduction of new, innovative technologies and higher quality and reliability of products. Such modular platforms include color processing, optical systems, mechanical drives and systems, electronic systems, analytical software, and the like.

Mii-900 Plus Film digitizer

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