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Today, Nikon is a world-renowned brand that has firmly established itself as the leader in the market for optical instruments and is the only company producing microscopes for the manufacture of its own glass, providing a very high quality guarantee of product quality.

With 100 years of experience in this field, Nikon has always been at the forefront of optical and technological innovation, contributing to creativity and reliability as part of the company's global statement.

Laser scan

The new generation LC and XC laser scanners of the new generation confirm the leadership in the market for laser control based on CMM, offering a complete measurement of the surface and characteristics.

Digital ModelMaker 3D scanners are ideally suited for use on hand-type measuring machines, for use in various fields, and when obtaining a model for reverse engineering.

The HN-C3030 three-dimensional metrology system provides fast, highly accurate contact-free verification of complex shapes with tactile accuracy.



X-ray and CT control

X-ray and CT control systems provide detailed control of the internal structure of parts.

The systems are used to control printed circuit boards, compact castings and plastic products, for analyzing and detecting faults, measuring the dimensions of internal components, comparing components with CAD systems, advanced research materials and analyzing biological structures.




Video measuring systems

CNC measuring systems designed to measure three-dimensional objects, prepared for work with a contact measuring head, equipped with the latest software for image processing.






Measurement of large objects

Laser radar is the only solution available today that provides automated non-contact measurement of large objects within a radius of up to 50 m. A new generation of metrology tools accurately measures the geometric parameters of large objects, thus eliminating the need for photogrammetric targets located on the field of retroflectors, retro reflectors or probes .







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