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Galdabini since 1890 is a manufacturer of high-quality modern equipment for carrying out physical and mechanical tests. Equipment Galdabini combines Swiss precision with the experience of Italian machine builders in the design of mechanics.

The company is of the opinion that innovative developments and innovative solutions make the produced equipment more qualitative and affordable for the end user, therefore, it invests more than 7% of its turnover in research and development of new ideas.

The company has its own exhibition and testing and technology centers, equipped with the latest technology and ready to demonstrate and test customer samples

The company pays special attention to reliability, convenience and quality of service, providing customers with higher support in the face of global competition.

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Quasar series universal testing machinecs

Impact series high-quality copra for precise determination of the absorbed impact energy and impact strength of materials (Charpy, Izod, methods of stretching by impact)


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