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Jireh Industries designs and manufactures manual and automated scanners to assist with non-destructive testing in the oil & gas, power generation, and aerospace industries. The company was established in 1981 as a manufacturer of custom automated equipment. JIREH has since expanded to a facility just east of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and has developed a comprehensive product line featuring scanners used for the inspection of pipes, tanks, vessels, boiler tubes, and more.

The combination of design and manufacturing facility has proven its value, enabling streamlined product development. Enhanced engineering and machining capabilities have progressed throughout the years bringing Jireh to where it is today. Jireh's operations have grown to reach customers throughout North America and worldwide as well. Jireh has the ability to design, engineer, manufacture, assemble, and ship its products all from under one roof, streamlining the flow of production.


Jireh Industries produce scanners for weld and map corrosion inspection with manual and automated solutions



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