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In 1993, Jacques Guffo and Alain Paulus, two experts in the field of x-ray generation, discovered a gap in the market. They realized that in the X-ray world there are clearly no high-quality, lightweight and efficient portable X-ray generators that can benefit a wide range of users. Over the next two long and tedious years, they worked tirelessly to design and manufacture the world's first portable X-ray generator - SITE X C 3003.

Then a small company was created that was built from scratch, now ICM (Industrial Control Machine) is the world leader in portable X-ray generators for the NDT market (Non Destructive Testing).

  Manufacter Catalog 

SITEX CPSERIES Directional units

SITEX CPSERIES Crawler units


SITEX & XS Directional units

SITEX & XS Panoramic units

SITEX & XS Crawler units

SITEX & XS SCU2.0 Standard control unit

SITEX & XS CCU186 Crawler control unit

SITEX & XS SCU286 Standard control unit

CPBATTERY Directional units

GO-SCAN 1510HR/1510XR  Portable X-ray detectors

GO-SCAN 3025/4335 Portable X-ray detectors




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