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The German company HELLING manufactures high-tech products to control materials by non-destructive methods. Founded in 1863 as a trading company, HELLING has established itself as a developer of innovative technologies in the field of capillary and magnetic particle inspection, as well as engineering design.

A complete list of materials, devices and equipment Helling methods of non-destructive testing:

  • Capillary control: Met-L-Chek, Nord-Test, Fluorescent capillary control, Electrostatic systems, capillary control, Control samples;
  • Magnetic particle inspection: Magnetic particle control using an aerosol system, Magnetization devices, Related products, Colored magnetic powders, Fluorescent magnetic powders, Control samples;
  • Tightness control: Hydrogen leak detectors, Helium leak detectors, Bubble method, Ultrasonic leak detectors, Color and fluorescent concentrates;
  • X-ray control: Mobile and stationary X-ray units and laboratories, Development machines for X-ray film, X-ray films, accessories for the dark chamber, Accessories, Emitters, measuring and alarm devices;
  • Visual control: Rigid and flexible endoscopes, Welding accessories, Video endoscopes, Mirrors, loupes, etc .;
  • Ultrasonic control: Ultrasonic thickness gauges, Ultrasonic flaw detectors, Contact pastes, Accessories;
  • Determination of temperature: Heat-sensitive varnishes, paints, pencils, Tempilstiks tags from 38 ° C to 1371 ° C;
  • UV technology: Hand-held UV lamps, Stationary UV lamps, UV-LED lamps.

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