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The quest for new technologies, intensive research and revolutionary solutions has been shaping the Fronius brand since 1945.

As a technology leader, Fronius find, develop and implement innovative energy monitoring and control methods for welding technology, photovoltaics and battery charging.

Fronius are creating new paths, trying to do something complicated and successful, when others have failed to achieve what seems impossible. But these are not the only reasons why Fronius is a global leader in innovation and technology.

Fronius have a clear vision, an inexorably inventive spirit and an ingrained sense of quality, so Fronius can continue to change the limits of what is possible and set trends that change the market.

At Business Unit Perfect Welding, Fronius focus their attention on creating the perfect arc to ensure consistently high welding quality. Focus for their business directions Solar Energy and Excellent Charging - this is a reliable and full supply of energy - 24 hours a day.

The advanced technology and pure quality of innovative products from Fronius fill people with enthusiasm for generations, instilling confidence, trust and satisfaction. Their stability is impressive, they increase productivity, increase energy production and reduce operating costs.

They help Fronius clients make significant progress and lay the foundations for growth and successful development. Fronius has 28 subsidiaries on four continents, but they are still one and the same owner-managed company, which they have always been, combining the values ​​of family business with regional roots, with visions of a global company.

FlexTrack 45 PRO,  compact welding tractor

TPS/i,  welding system



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