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ETher NDE has specialists in software development, hardware, non-standard tasks, has its own production of microprocessors and converters, which are also suitable for third-party equipment, so the company guarantees that you get a high-tech and high-quality product.

Many of the members of the ETher NDE team have previously worked with Hocking, and collectively have more than 150 years of experience in non-destructive testing, which makes this company the strongest developer in the field of eddy current equipment.

ETher NDE was based on three basic principles, and to this day they still work in everyday life. It:

  1. The ability to speak with those who understand our product and the industry in which it operates, with a further decision to apply the method in the enterprise.
  2. To be a leading company in the development and supply of equipment, as well as to respond quickly to difficult situations.
  3. Our products are unparalleled in performance and quality.

Weldcheck Weld inspection eddy current flaw detector

Aerocheck Aerospace eddy current flaw detectors

Sigmacheck Fully featured eddy current conductivity meter

EtherCheck Combined eddy current & bond testing flaw detector

SteelCheck Compact 3 channel flux leakage tube testing

PhaseCheck Dual frequency high performance eddy current flaw detector with C-scan capability

Maxwell NDT PECT In-service pulsed eddy current inspection system

ETi 200 Advanced eddy current flaw detector multi-frequency & multi-channel

Veescan Eddy current wheel inspection system

ViCTor 2.2d Eddy current automated inspection instrument

Eddy current probes 

Rotary Drive probe for hole inspection

ETher Analyser Advanced PC based eddy current data analysis




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