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Energodiagnostika Co. Ltd, founded in 1992 in Moscow, is the main developer of a principally new non-destructive testing method and inspection instruments based on application of the method of metal magnetic memory (MMM method).

Since 1996 a unique Russian and International Center on specialists training in the method of metal magnetic memory (an independent body for personnel certification in the sphere of non-destructive testing "Energodiagnostika Co. Ltd") has been operating in Moscow. Branches of this Center operate in Warsaw and Beijing.

General directions of Energodiagnostika Co. Ltd activity:

  • Development of specialized inspection techniques for various industries using the metal magnetic memory effect.
  • Development of guidance documents of Rostechnadzor, of Russian and International Standards in the sphere of non-destructive testing.
  • Development and manufacturing of specialized inspection instruments and sensors for the metal magnetic memory method, their warranty and post-warranty maintenance.
  • Scientific-research work in the sphere fracture mechanics, reliability and NDT magnetic methods.
  • Practical and theoretical training and certification of NDT experts with issuing of Certificates in magnetic, ultrasonic, eddy-current, visual and stress-strain state testing.
  • Execution of practical works on equipment, pipelines, metal structures, machine parts (new and used) diagnostics in different industries and estimation of the residual life using the metal magnetic memory method.
  • Expert assessment of technical state and early diagnostics of equipment damaging in the interests of insurance companies for insuring the risks in the sphere of industrial safety.



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