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Elcometer is a world leader in the design and manufacture of instruments and equipment for monitoring coatings, equipment for physical testing of paintwork and protective coatings, control devices for concrete and industrial metal detectors.

A new activity of Elcometer is the development and production of high-quality portable ultrasonic devices under the Elcometer NDT brand - corrosion thickness gauges, precision (high-precision) thickness gauges and flaw detectors.

The company produces a large list of instruments and equipment:

  • Control coverage. A wide range of coating control equipment from surface profile and purity to relative humidity, dew point, coating thickness and adhesion tests, the Elcometer test equipment kit is ideal for all industrial and coating protection needs.
  • Test equipment. Ideal for the development, preparation and manufacture of coatings, whether using a uniform film thickness, checking the elasticity of the coating, hardness, abrasion or impact resistance.
  • Appearance. When quality and finish are important, the Elcometer Glossmerees, Reflectance, DOI & Color assortment precisely defines the surface appearance.
  • Сoncrete control. If you are trying to determine the location of the reinforcement, the depth, diameter, and orientation, or its potential for corrosion using a half-cell, a set of equipment for testing Elcometer concrete will help.
  • Ultrasound equipment. Elcometer NDT ultrasonic materials and precision thickness gauges, flaw detectors and bolt tension meters offer high-quality, easy-to-use non-destructive testing equipment in a wide range of industrial applications.

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