About company

Eddyfi has customers in more than 80 countries located on six continents.

The company is headquartered at the advanced BOD site in Quebec, Canada, and has offices in France, the United Kingdom, the United States, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa.

Eddyfi is an independent organization that currently employs over 250 professionals and some of the world's most famous eddy control experts. Eddyfi focuses on providing high-performance, advanced eddy current and electromagnetic solutions for testing critical components and objects.

The company develops the best in its field and the most reliable tools.

The company's mission is to raise the limits of electromagnetic tests to new heights.

Organization's engineers are forced to innovate and try to solve new problems in various industries.

Thus, their positioning and strategy are associated with innovation, experience and technical proximity, as well as the flexibility of design and production, to deliver fully integrated and tailor-made solutions that provide superior performance for all customers.

In 2014, the company was recognized as the developing company of the year in the field of non-destructive testing equipment (NDT) from Frost & Sullivan.

In 2016, their Lyft® pulse eddy current detector was awarded the Global Innovation Award for New Products, again Frost & Sullivan.

  Catalogs & Presentations 

EDDYFI Solutions

Advanced eddy current and eddy current array solutions

Best-in-class electromagnetic NDT equipment

Ectane 2 

Surface array and tube inspection test instrument


Surface eddy current array (ECA) inspection


Pulsed eddy current inspection (PEC & PECA)


M2M Solutions

Advanced phased array ultrasonic systems

Pioneer in TFM


State-of-the-art phased-array flaw detector with TFM


Lightweight phased-array flaw detector with TFM


Fully parallel architecture for high speed applications



The world’s leading tank inspection solutions;

From MFL tank floor scanners to UT corrosion mapping


High speed tank bottom inspection system


Mini manual MFL corrosion detection system


Automated ultrasonic corrosion mapping

Scorpion2 UT Crawler 

Remote-access tank shell inspection solution


Manual, dry-coupled ultrasonic inspection system

MFL Pipescan 

Adjustable magnetic flux leakage pipe scanner

Vacuum Boxes 

Bubble leak testing of tank welds


Tank Bottom Inspection Software



Inspection management suite

TSC Solutions

Alternating current field measurement (ACFM)

Equipment and advanced inspection services


The next step in ACFM evolution


Portable, reliable crack detection with ACFM

TSC U41 

Modernizing subsea ACFM



ACFM axle inspection system

Walking Stick 

Rail infrastructure solution


TELETEST Solutions

Long-range guided wave UT

Corrosion detection in areas inaccessible by conventional NDT

Fokus+ Guided wave pipeline inspection

INUKTUN Solutions

NDT robotics

For confined spaces and hazardous areas

Versatrax 150 Mark II 


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