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Driven by the needs of the global NDT market, Eclipse Scientific provides high quality, reliable software and textbooks.

From concept to commissioning. The Research and Applications Development group is a newly formed team within Acuren dedicated to tackling challenging inspection problems. The focus is the development of novel, field deployable, advanced inspection techniques for use in cases where standard nondestructive testing (NDT) methods are ineffective.


Fast, Easy, Open Technique Development For NDT

Successful inspections start with a plan and BeamTool makes it easy to model, validate and document your Phased Array, TOFD and Conventional Ultrasonic inspection plans with confidence.

Easy to use and powerful, BeamTool has continued to evolve and provide tools to improve proficiency and accuracy of ultrasonic inspections. From technicians in the field, to researchers and authors, BeamTool provides the indispensable toolset for the NDT industry.

Also Added and Enhanced:

  • PAUT Beamset Quality Assessment Simulation
  • Add-On Improvements including S-Scan rendering
  • Conventional Probes now have a “Both” sound mode like the Phased Array Beamsets
  • Conventional now has a “Skip off Weld” Mode
  • Hot Keys to suspend snapping and other (save, open…)
  • Indication positioning handles in Top View
  • Highlighted Beam is displayed in 3D


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