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DÜRR NDT is part of the DÜRR DENTAL group located in Baden-Württemberg, which is the most technologically advanced land in Germany. Almost all components - from printed circuit boards to complete assembly - are manufactured and assembled at the enterprise itself.


Location: Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany

Year of foundation: 2006


DÜRR NDT delivers ultra-high-resolution computed radiography systems, the latest flat panel detectors, customized software solutions for digital image processing, as well as mobile development machines and eco-friendly film chemicals.

Mobile scanner of storage plates for all areas of non-destructive testing - from simple welded joints to the most complex high-tech objects of the aerospace industry

Easy quality control of digital radiography systems in accordance with the latest standards (ISO 16371-1, ASTM E 2445)

XR 24 NDT Automatic X-ray film processor

HD-CR & CR 35 NDT Computed radiography systems

IMAGING PLATES For computed radiography

DRP 2020 & 4040 NDT Flat panel detectors

DR 7 NDT Direct radiography cmos detector

D-Tect Imaging Software




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