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Colenta is a well-equipped manufacturing company with more than 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing machine products and tools to meet exact customer requirements of both mechanical and electrical engineering aspects and fully complies with strict engineering and safety standards that apply to all.

To meet the growing need for a compact and portable film processing system, Colenta released the INDX 37 NDT Mobile, which provides the customer with a stand-alone film processing unit that can be installed inside the truck body or container and moved efficiently from place to place as needed.

The system is configured with everything that is required for the automatic processing of industrial X-ray films up to 35 cm wide inside the vehicle and with a number of options to meet specific needs that the client may have based on their typical workplaces and conditions.

The enclosed information contains information about the INDX 37 NDT Mobile design features and specifications, and also gives an overview of the accessories and the advantages they provide in extreme operating conditions.

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Colenta INDX 900 NDT X-Ray Film processor

Colenta INDX 43 2.0b X-Ray Film processor



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