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CEBORA brand quickly became a household name in the field of welding both in the domestic market and in several foreign markets (in particular, in Europe and South America) and already in the 60s and 70s; Export is an important part of the company's turnover.

In the early 1980s, CEBORA takes over Special Car, the manufacturer of MIG welding machines (for those years) with advanced technology.

This is the beginning of a new period of growth and research into new products designed to be a remarkable international success. In 1984, CEBORA’s technical department, with a strong team of qualified and motivated technicians, invented the first portable MIG / MAG welding machine (Pocket MIG), which is a direct and unusual sales success in both Europe and the USA.

Then comes the turn of the plasma machines - the sector where CEBORA immediately takes the position of the European leader. The company studies and develops not only the power supply, but also the cutter and the corresponding consumables, which ensures the perfect system balance that is absolutely necessary in this product. In 1986, CEBORA introduced the revolutionary Plasma Pocket, a portable power source for cutting any metal, with a 4 mm cutting capacity: this is another great success worldwide.

With the advent of inverter technology, CEBORA represents a new range of technologically advanced power sources. They are characterized by reduced energy consumption, with small weights and small sizes.

Since 2000, CEBORA has gradually reduced the production of energy sources using more elementary technology, such as AC MMA welding machines (the production of charging devices was already discontinued in the early 1990s) and focused its efforts on research and development in the field of high and high technologies. such as automation, robotic systems for MIG, TIG and plasma welding, creating products that quickly gained the trust of system integrators and the world's leading manufacturers of robots.

Since 2005, the CEBORA plasma cutting line has been enhanced by a new range of plasma HQC, designed for cutting high-definition on automatic-controlled pantographs and robots.

Thanks to a study conducted in collaboration with the University of Bologna, CEBORA has been at the forefront of this sector. This was achieved thanks to the availability of power sources with exceptional cutting performance, as well as the remarkable life of the plasmatron consumables. In addition, significant gas savings are made compared to other energy sources already existing on the market.

In 2014, in order to further strengthen its presence in the strategic sector of automation and robotics, the market is constantly growing, CEBORA has become a group, having acquired GEFRA Automazione srl, a system integrator with extensive experience and qualified personnel, including highly qualified engineers specializing in automation and robotization of production processes. The synergy between the group companies today allows CEBORA to present itself in the market with a full and rich offer of high quality.

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