CARPANO EQUIPMENT Srl starts its activity in 1992 with the production of portable automation and complementary equipments.
Later on begins to manufacture the first manipulators in Aluminium by applying CNC to any single plant, despite its configuration and the axis to be handled determining, by this way, an exponential growth of its business.
A further increase is achieved with the purchasing in 2011 of PASSERINI’s brand and projects, a historic manufacturer in the same field since 1962.
Now seated in Via del Legatore, in a factory of 3.500 mq, CARPANO EQUIPMENT Srl commits itself every day to manufacture machines granting the customers:

• Quick pay-back
• Accurate process repeatability
• User-friendly
• Spare-parts availability and technical assistance even on older machines

The present site shows the wide range of our standard products, splitted by types. In the “TECH REPORT” area then, there are significant examples of applications in several industrial fields.
In case you should need more information, do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly : our skilled staff will be glad to help you in any possible way.







Any product produced by CARPANO EQUIPMENT Srl characterizes the European approach to quality, which means compliance with the most modern production requirements and the highest reliability in operation.

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