Since 1954, AFFRI ® has been producing hardness testers combined with innovative technologies. The innovation of AFFRI SYSTEM® is protected by copyright patents. The load is provided by mechanical, electromechanical, hydromechanical or pneumomechanical means.

Continuous load monitoring (AFFRI ® N. 1175158 patent) is an innovation that allows for improved performance. This patent is part of the quality system and practical experience achieved by AFFRI SYSTEM®.

Another unique development of AFFRI is the creation of fully automatic hardness testers on Rockwell and Brinell scales (after the start, a sequence of positioning and automatic hardness measurement procedures is performed).

Full automation ensures a constant loading rate throughout the entire test, both in hardness gages with load cells and in hardness gages using advanced AFFRI SYSTEM® technologies (patented).

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