TWN welding services support customers in a diverse range of industries, all of whom share similar challenges in meeting quality, safety and compliance requirements. We provide highly qualified and experienced personnel who understand the processes involved in the supply chain and the frequent need for speedy turnaround times.

Our experienced welding personnel aid customers in their production processes, quality control, training and certification welding engineers to world standards and CIS standards.

We work with manufacturers to help them ensure their welding processes meet the requirements necessary to consistently manufacture products of a high quality and to assist them in complying with industry recognized international and national regulations and standards.



Types of welding services


  • Design, production and implementation of robotic welding systems and plasma cutting systems

Based on input from client (drawings or 3D model of the part, operating and production conditions) our company can analyze all the information and offer our client complete information about proposed robotic welding system, its productivity, costs, and timing. The information provided is enough for client to make a decision to implement our proposed robotic system for welding or plasma cutting.

  • Orbital welding solutions

Implementation of automated orbital welding allows for substantial increase in quality of welding works during construction of pipelines. Our company can suggest the optimal solution for the client based on requirements for quality and productivity. We can also develop the necessary welding technologies based on a specific standard for the project and offer full set of instruments for pipe preparation and beveling.

  • Selection of welding equipment and technology

We possess all necessary knowledge in the area of modern welding processes and implementation of new methods of manufacturing. We can offer our clients services in selection of specific welding equipment and technologies, testing and calibration of equipment.

  • Certification of welding technologies

In all of the above-mentioned services our company will help our clients choose the best welding materials; we will develop the welding technologies with subsequent certification at the accredited center at the place of work.


High qualified welding engineers and newest welding technologies and processes in production enables client to find new markets for their products and to operate within a global marketplace. 



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