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You know that your car is a machine that requires maintenance and care.

You have to change the oil, top off fluids, tighten bolts, and keep it clean in order for it to run well and last a long time.

Laboratory equipment is no different! In order for your equipment to work, you need to properly care for and maintain it as well.

This proper care and maintenance will help you keep your lab equipment up and running as long as possible

Regular maintenance and inspections keeps your equipment running and ensures your safety and the safety of the machine.

Additionally, you can significantly minimize wear and reduce downtime.


  • Preventative Maintenance and Inspection
  • Equipment servicing
  • Installation and modification
  • Affordable assurance

The qualification of TWN service engineers allows to carry out maintenance and repair of the widest range of equipment.

  • Scanning electron microscopy
  • Mechanical Testing
  • Microscopy
  • Micro and macro examination
  • Chemical analysis of metals
  • Non-destructive equipment care
  • Failure investigation
  • Expert witness
  • Reverse engineering
  • On-site metallurgy services
  • Welding equipment service




 With TWN Service you receive


Defined maintenance at specific intervals

Maintenance intervals based on your equipment use

Maintenance performed by experienced field service engineers

Detailed report of equipment condition

Written confirmation of services performed

Recommendations for future service

Warranty support


TWN Company now becomes a truly global leader in equipment services and Product Qualification Testing Services.

At TWN Company, not only do we design, develop and manufacture leading-edge test equipment, we spend each day helping our customers solve their most difficult testing and lab operation challenges through our service and support capabilities. 

With a service partner like TWN, you can maximize the performance of your equipment, lab and investments to reach your testing goals.

Contact us today to optimize your testing operations with TWN service solutions.

Equipment needs care