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Welding Technologies

TWN is a supplier of full industrial solutions based on welding and metal cutting technologies and we offer our solutions for clients located anywhere in the world.

Every year many clients from all over the world derive great benefits from our industrial solutions. Our solutions include development of welding stations and complete welding assembly lines, development of production using advanced thermal cutting technologies (plasma and laser cutting), development of welding technologies for different areas of manufacturing ((machine-building, energy, including nuclear, pipelines, chemical manufacturing, aviation, railroads, and ship-building), non-destructive testing, inspection of welding works and welding equipment, and quality control.

Our solutions always include necessary components of automation and robotization in order to achieve the highest quality of work with minimum personnel.


  • Our solutions lead to internationally recognized certifications that provide real advantages for manufacturing due to new competencies and expanded abilities.


  • TWN is able to generate and offer solutions in conjunction with our client’s personal, corporate or industry requirements. Standard solutions are developed at our facilities, while customized solutions can be developed at our client’s place of business.


  • Advanced modeling of all our solutions allows our clients to see and estimate results beforehand.


  • Our solutions for welding are developed in accordance with international standards like AWS, ISO and ASME.


  • We employ highly-trained and experienced specialists that possess necessary knowledge that is needed to achieve high results.


  • TWN has access to newest technologies and we offer consultations and modelling to our clients.


  • We are highly respected for our experience, professionalism, impartiality and confidentiality and we partner with the most respected companies in business.




We offer our clients engineering services for development of individualized and focused welding solutions. We closely cooperate with our clients to quickly assess their needs and offer them exact technical solutions adapted to their needs. Our specialists use their extensive knowledge and experience in welding and plasma cutting to find the best solution for you. We also have extensive experience in development and implementation of complete solutions for end user including welding systems, monitoring and control systems and full analysis software.


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