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Oil & Gas Atyrau 2019


Venue: Exhibition centre in Atyrau, Ave Abulhair Khan, 79

Atyrau Oil&Gas is a regional event of the global industry! This event is unique and has no analogues in Atyrau region, in the region which is key and strategically important in the scale of oil and gas industry and national economy in general.

Why you should take part in Atyrau Oil&Gas

  • The main fields of Kazakhstan are in the territory of Atyrau region:

- Kashagan field is located in the northern part of the Caspian Sea in territorial water of the Republic of Kazakhstan and occupies the territory about 75 km x 45 km. The original-oil-in place is approximately estimated at 4,5 billion tons of oil

- Tengiz field is located in Atyrau region of Kazakhstan, in 350 km to the southeast from Atyrau. This is the deepest oil field in the world - supergiant upper oil-bearing collector of which lies down at a depth about 4,000 meters or 13,000 feet..

  • Atyrau city - OilCcapital of Kazakhstan, a member of the World Energy Cities Partnership (WECP), which includes 18 Oil Capitals of the countries.
  • More than 600 medium and large scale enterprises, share of which in the industrial output of the republic amounts to about 24% and more than 30% of them are with foreign participation
  • Capital investments in 2015 amounted to 1,4 trillion tenge, including external investments of 847 billion tenge.

Global Oil&Gas Atyrau 2018 statistics

  • Number of exhibitors – 110
  • Number of unique visitors – 1 666
  • Exhibition area – 3 229 m2
  • Number of participating countries – 7

Exhibition opening hours

  • 9 April – 10:00 tо 18:00
  • 10 April – 10:00 tо 18:00
  • 11 April – 10:00 tо 16:00

We will present following equipment

  • Elanik – hand-held analyzer of metals and alloys
  • Modern digital radiography systems
  • Automated and Mechanical non-destructive systems for inspections pipelines and tank
  • Equipment for analyzing the structure and corrosion state of metals
  • Phased Array & TOFD ultrasonic flaw detector
  • Scanner designed for visual inspection with automatic defect detection
  • Eddy current flaw detectors
  • Industrial Videoscopes

Where you can find us

Will be glad to see you! Our experts will answer all your questions and demonstrate the equipment at work