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NDT Innovations Atyrau 2019 conference report

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November 20, 2019 was the day of the NDT Innovations conference organized by our company, dedicated to the latest developments in the field of non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics

The conference included presentations of various innovative technologies and non-destructive testing methods, an exhibition area with a lot of demonstration equipment for ultrasound testing using the PAUT and ToFD methods, computer radiography (CR), digital radiography (DR), gamma-ray inspection, equipment and supplies for X-ray control (X-ray machines, developing machines, X-ray film), analyzers of the chemical composition of alloys and many other equipment for NDT

Special thanks for the opening speech to the ALE "Kazakhstan NDT Association". In his speech, the president of the association, Duisenov Kozhakhmet Yesekevich, outlined the state of the NDT sphere of the Republic of Kazakhstan, actual problems and its possible solutions

Below you can find a brief photo report and free to download presentations

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The latest developments of General Electric in the field of NDT
Olympus advanced technologies


Opening speach of the President of Kazakhstan NDT Association

Digital and computer radiography. Industrial application. Advantages and disadvantages

SIUI UT, PAUT and TOFD equipment


NOVO 15 Discovery 4K digital radiography system

Baker Hughes (form. General Electric) UT, RVI and radiography equipment