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TWN Technology

TWN Technology is group of companies engaged in technical advice support and supply of equipment for non-destructive and material testing.

Our uniqueness lies in complex approach and maintenance in all spheres of laboratory activies: consulting and selection of solutions for the customer’s tasks, equipment supply, assistance in staff selection and it’s training, after-sales service and repair.

We offer customized solutions to all our clients in a wide range of industries.

Our group of companies was created with the purpose of finding and implementing innovation technologies in different industries. It means that we concentrate on finding and marketing technologies that are truly innovative. We aim to search for high-technology companies that have modern products. We are constantly looking for innovative solutions for welding, robotics, quality control and testing industries.

We are proud that we are constantly thinking «outside the box» and finding effective solutions and implement those solutions quickly and effectively.

Our company was created to provide our clients with the best innovations and newest technologies. Our specialists have over 25 years of experience in the areas of non-destructive testing, industrial diagnostics and welding technologies. Our team is highly educated specialists who have been trained in different places of our globe and have vast experience in these fields. We are constantly involved in self-developing, this is our rule. 

We offer best innovative solutions. Currently, TWN is offering a wide variety of products for different technologies.

Our Vision 

Our vision is that innovative solutions in NDT, material testing, welding technologies and related quality services provider with high industrial standards shall be available to all. Integrations training, certification, consulting, trading and other customized services, provide business development for the customer.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide world class services in NDT, material testing, welding technologies, inspection, training, consulting and other quality services & solutions with high professional integrity & reliability using technology driven resources.

Our Quality Policy

We, at TWN, shall ensure customer delight through delivering world class quality services by maintaining cost competitiveness through continual improvement of our Quality Management System, professional services of Non-Destructive Testing, Material Testing, Training & Certification, Consulting, Trading and other Quality Services thereby minimizing the impact on environment, reducing occupational health hazard and safety risk.

Team & Capacities

  • Over 15 years of professional experience
  • 70+ Highly-qualified specialists
  • 100 % Local content in every country of operation
  • 4 Regional offices  — Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, the Baltic State
  • More than 25 years of experience in NDT, Welding Technologies and Material Testing

Advantages of working with us


The Best Team

We have a wealth of services experience in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Material Testing, Welding Technologies


Keeping It Simple

Our team of straight forward, logical thinking people with a common sense approach to business avoid complexities to get the job done.




Achieving Lowest Cost

We never lose sight of good value, we are able to deliver the best solution for you through working with multiple suppliers.


A Culture of Innovation

We strive to achieve new and inventive solutions to help you grow your brand and achieve your growth ambitions.


Global Reach

We can deliver global solutions for our clients.

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